A New Tourbillon At SIHH: Baume and Mercier?

Baume and Mercier has built a tourbillon! First of all, I would purchase this watch as soon as possible. It will lose a lot of its value, as all new products do, immediately after purchase. You must be patient. Just let it sit in its box for a few years and before you know it, you’ll have a super-rare tourbillon. For years, Baume and Mercier has been a world-renowned brand, but an extremely affordable one. The most complicated of their pieces I have ever seen, up until this point, was a cool looking chronograph for around $5000. Finally, they a broken the gate that divides the “Big Four” from the rest (with the exception of GP, IWC, Glashutte Original, Franck Muller, etc). I am so happy for Baume and Mercier, they really surprised the watch community this year!
 Luke Rotttman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)

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