IN DEPTH: The Avant-Garde Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon

There are brands that I do not write about because what they have to offer just doesn't appeal to me. On the other hand, there are brands that I have yet to write about, look forward to more frequently writing about, and whose work is not ordinary, but extraordinary.  Linde Werdelin is the latter.

No watch manufacturer bears resemblance to Linde Werdelin in terms of both technological aspects and the aesthetics of their creations. Rare materials, forward-thinking concepts, and unusual watchmaking methods, in the simplest terms, define Linde Werdelin.

This relatively young establishment was founded by long-time friends, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, in 2002. The idea that gave life to Linde Werdelin stemmed--quite surprisingly, unfortunately (for Jorn, at the time), and fortunately (for the watch world)--from an accident that occurred while Jorn Werdelin was skiing in the Swiss Alps and lost his sense of direction in the midst of rough weather conditions. Nearly 13 years have past since day-one and all I can say is that this friendship, combined with a passion for horology and the outdoors, has evolved into a watch company par excellence.

Today, I will be reviewing the exceptionally-crafted, sporty, and undeniably cool Oktopus Moon Carbon by Linde Werdelin. Get ready for the TIME of your life. 

Few watches in today's market are constructed of truly exotic materials. I must also add, few companies place a heavy emphasis on the finishing and details of their cases.

The Oktopus Moon Carbon is a sleek, all-black variation of the already-existing Oktopus watch. At first, it may sound like this timepiece was pretty straightforward to produce, right? Not right. A two-year period of thorough research, along with the experimenting of case materials, was conducted in a successful attempt to conclude what the ideal material was to integrate into this watch. Linde Werdelin gathered their findings and came to a conclusion: Carbon. 

Please watch the video above to view Linde Werdelin's special casemaking processes for the Oktopus Moon Carbon.

The carbon used in the Oktopus Moon Carbon is as natural as this substance comes. Therefore, no finish is alike; every watch is unique in one way or another. I find this particular to be awesome, enticing, and a big positive for the collector who's on the hunt for a contemporary timepiece with character you can't find anywhere else.

The detail on its dial is absolutely remarkable. Thanks to 5 layers of various metals, a coppery "sunburst" finish radiates off the dial. Within these layers lies a rotating plate which displays phases of the moon. 

An impeccably-finished movement is housed within the carbon case, which happens to be 44 millimeters wide--a perfect size for a modern sports watch. Engraved into the case back is an illustration of an Octopus. To top it all off while maintaining that rugged appearance, an interchangeable, brown natural-rubber strap is fixed into the lugs. 

The amazing Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon is produced in a numbered limited edition of 59 pieces globally and will be offered at a retail price of 19,000 CHF (about 19,600 USD).

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