Introducing The Nomos Glashütte Lambda "Deep Blue"

Overlooking Glashütte, Saxony (Germany). 

Nomos is the paragon of affordable luxury. Though a relatively new establishment in the acclaimed German watchmaking town, Glashütte, this manufacture has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse of high-grade mechanical movement production. Their pricing is modest, relative to other German brands. The quality of their timepieces is on par, if not superior, to watches from other companies with the same target market. Today I'm going to show you something that's far from a basic Nomos Glashütte, and more like a watch you'd see leaving Lange's factory, seriously. 

The new Lamda Deep Blue (ref. 935) embodies a simple aesthetic with a large, 42 millimeter white gold case and a rich blue dial. Common to earlier Lamda models, a domed sapphire crystal covers the dial; the bezel is sleek and minimal. Both aspects greatly magnify the appearance of its dial while also accentuating the unique Nomos style. 

This wristwatch is fitted with Nomos' caliber DUW 1001.  The DUW 1001 includes an 84-hour power reserve which can be observed via an arc-shaped indicator which stretches 297 degrees across the upper portion of the dial. Various finishing techniques, such as sunbeam polishing and hand-beveling, among others, are applied to each individual component.

To top it all off, Nomos delivers the Lamda Deep Blue on a smooth, Horween shell cordovan black strap. 

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