Thewatchadviser.com is an online watch store and publicatiom. Thewatchadviser.com's mission is to cover the latest wristwatch news and events all around the world, live from the top watch shows, boutiques, auctions, and exhibits. 

Founder: Luke Rottman

 Luke was born in New York and was exposed to watches at various points in his childhood. Whether it was seeing Rolex commercials while watching tennis on TV or learning that his music idols regularly were spotted sporting a vintage Patek or Rolex, he was always connected to watches on a personal level. It was at the age of ten when Luke's fascination with watches began. He began a watch trading business about one year later. Luke first started off buying and selling small-brand vintage watches that were in the sub-$1000 price range. He later worked his way up to buying and selling high-end vintage watches from world renowned brands, specializing mostly in pre-1980 Rolex sports models. One day, at his grandparent's house, Luke found a vintage 1962 Omega Seamaster in a junk drawer. This discovery only heightened his passion for wristwatches.

After years of trading, Luke harnessed his vast knowledge and experience dealing in the vintage watch market and, with that, created a website focused on sharing his passion for watches with others. In January 2014, Luke successfully launched thewatchadviser.com.

Luke Rottman has written for Forbes, Haute Time, The Wristwatch Review, WristwatchWorld, and other prominent international watch publications. Luke has been featured in www.professionalwatches.com, IW Magazine, Gear Patrol, MoonWatch Only, and TimeCrafters.  Luke Rottman is an honorary member of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild, an exhibitor at IWJG and WWT Trade Shows, and an active member of Rolex Forums, The Vintage Rolex Forum, and associated online trade networks. 

Countless world-renowned references can be provided upon request.