Piece-Unique Rolex 6234/3668 Transitional Chronograph

Piece-Unique Rolex 6234/3668 Transitional Chronograph


This unique Rolex chronograph was commissioned, decades ago, by one of South America's foremost collectors. In contrast to Rolex's production timepieces, this watch was handmade, from start to finish, by a Rolex watchmaker on the premises of Rolex's Bienne facility. 

This "transitional" 6234/3668 is absolutely fascinating, cased in solid white gold, boasting a glossy black three-register 6234 dial and a mint-condition bi-color white gold/pink gold riveted Oyster bracelet. The bezel, chrono pushers, brevet crown, hands, and hour markers are also solid pink gold. 

The case lacks reference and serial numbers, similarly to Rolex's prototype steel Day-Date--mentioned in John Goldberger's "100 Superlative Rolex Watches." This detail simply indicates that the timepiece is piece-unique and/or a prototype.

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