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IN DEPTH: The Avant-Garde Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon

No watch manufacturer bears resemblance to Linde Werdelin in terms of both technological aspects and the aesthetics of their creations. Rare materials, forward-thinking concepts, and unusual watchmaking methods, in the simplest terms, define Linde Werdelin. Today, I will be reviewing the exceptionally-crafted....

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Photo Report: Christie's New York December 9th 'Important Watches' Preview

This Tuesday, at 20 Rockefeller Center, Christie's will be holding their last Important Watches sale of the year. Whether you're after that early 2000's Journe or late 50's tropical dial Rolex sports watch, the likelihood of Christie's having whatever you're looking for is quite high. 

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HANDS-ON: Longines' 180th Anniversary Column-Wheel Single Push-Piece Chronograph

I stopped by Manfredi Jewels today to take a look at a classic, cool, and amazingly well-priced column-wheel chronograph by Longines. This wristwatch isn't exactly brand new, as it was released last year, though it is a great representation of Longines' ability to produce superb chronographs....

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On The Web: An Unbelievably Cool Movado Chronograph Up For Sale

Let's travel back to 1930. At a small factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, some of the world's finest hand-wound chronograph movements are assembled and fitted into their proper cases. This factory is the home base to a rapidly-growing, but relatively young, Swiss watch company called Movado.

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HANDS-ON: Vacheron Constantin's Traditionnelle 14-Day Tourbillon At Wempe NYC

The tourbillon is the king of complications--do keep in mind, this is not an opinion, but a fact. And while stopping by Wempe's Fifth Avenue boutique, located just around the corner from the Peninsula, I had the pleasure to view a selection of tourbillons from various distinguished manufactures. Yes, all of the pieces were spectacular, but one was absolutely striking....

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IN-DEPTH: The Lineage of the Longines Czech Aviator Chronometre

The so-called "Tartarugone" is a chronometer wristwatch that was produced by Longines for Czech aviators before, during, and after the Second World War. The Tartarugone features a unique case shape and has greatly evolved over time—utilizing three different movements. The second series, which was made in a very limited quantity, is seldom seen in good condition. While the other variations are not as rare, they are a financially-accessible alternative to the higher-priced Longines pilot's watches of the early 20th Century. Let's take an in-depth look at the history of this fascinating wristwatch.

Translated And Edited By Luke Rottman.

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ForbesLife: How Many Tourbillons Does $750,000 Gets You?

Today I had the chance to get a hands-on look at Grebuel Forsey’s intricate Invention Piece 2, or otherwise referred to as the Quadruple Tourbillon. Evidenced by its name, it has not one, nor two, nor three, but four independent tourbillons, which ensure unprecedented accuracy....

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